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New Kiriban 70 000 and Updates

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 12, 2013, 5:56 PM
I want to start by saying CONGRATS TO Dark-Arctic-Fox for winning my Kiriban!! I hope you enjoy the wig!!

I'm also planning another Kiriban for my 70 000 page view! To all the ladies out there this one will consist of a custom put together small makeup gift with some of my favourite products so keep an eye out!


On another note my next convention with be Otakuthon. I'm excited to be heading back to montreal and want to actually set up a photoshoot while I'm there. I've been rather lazy on the photoshoot front so I want to change that. I plan on wearing and new and improved Cinderella, Velvet and even a bit of Waynes world!


ColossalCon has also come and gone and was super fun. I met a huge amount of new people and made some new awesome friends. It was a bit more of a vacation for me so no photos happened but I sure did get some silly polaroids...

 photo a81ff68d-9a6f-4e4a-bc0e-41990b6f8401.jpg photo 0fb2a193-f3c3-4708-9692-1c30fb2317d7.jpg photo d0bbe7f4-4625-406e-b76b-22814413214b.jpg

 photo 76e41be0-625f-4dc4-bb6f-6392e8e16e1d.jpg  photo 1cbcc54c-ca3d-452e-8d1e-9b6fd48ab65e.jpg

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KIRIBAN changed*65 000* and updates!

Journal Entry: Tue May 7, 2013, 5:45 PM
It's now been a good year since I've done anything in the cosplay world sooooo to celebrate coming back in to it I want to do a kiriban! I've always wanted to do one but never had anything to offer.  Around this time last year I won a wig in a masquerade and have held on to it thinking I'd use it. It has now occurred to me I never will. SO instead of it sitting around sad and lonely I want to give it away!

I'M WAY TO IMPATIENT SO I'M CHANGING IT TO THE 65 000 PAGE VIEW!!!!!! I'll give you the wig for free. Just message me a screen shot showing you got it and the wig is yours!

The wig in question up for grabs you ask?

 photo afc0d45e-d189-46d3-aa61-b4c56ef9e57c.jpg photo f8bee1ed-5cfa-4215-a172-13387b3f9e55.jpg

It is brand new still with tags from epic cosplay. The front bangs reach to the end of your nose and it's about waist length, hip length on me. SO please please please everyone participate I want this wig to go to a good home where it will be used!!

In other news I'm returning to the convention scene this year! I should hopefully be at Anime North for a day and will be heading to Ohio for ColossalCon! What I plan to be sporting this year...

 photo fa9f31e9-3d02-401d-bf8e-7311177bcda1.jpg photo 72d79e65-c6c3-4756-b826-523711889633.jpg photo fab5bea6-d472-41b4-afb6-3c99445d4ff2.jpg

Possessed Mia from the new evil dead, Velvet from odin sphere since I never got around to wearing it and FIREHAWK lilith from borderlands 2! I'm really excited about this year since I've gotten my motivation back!

Also I apologize for all the late replies or if I never did reply. My computer has been broken for the past 3 months and I only ever borrowed my boyfriends every once in a while.

Thanks to all my new watchers and everyone for all the kind comments!


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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 19, 2012, 7:24 PM
In an attempt to be far more back in action on this website I come baring photos since that's so much more fun than a brick of text.

Also fanexpo is this weekend and I plan to be there friday, saturday and sunday assuming work co operates with me. Fingers crossed. I also will be wearing Velvet from Odin sphere and Cinderella all because I had no desire to buy new wigs yay! Hope to see everyone there, now on to photos.


Still a work in progress but I'm really happy with everything so far and pleased with how my interpretation is coming along. I wish I could find my good camera to show all the different fabrics I found because I am in love with them.

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Back from a brief hiatus!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 16, 2012, 7:08 PM
I have been M.I.A lately due to moving, then losing a job, then gaining a job, couch surfing and continuous house hunting! It was a stressful few weeks but all is falling back in to place. I want to start by thanking all the new watchers, I would love to thank you all personally but baby steps. I will also be taking this time to reply to recent comments that have been sitting in my inbox.

          Due to recent moving issues quite a few of my normal conventions have been either over looked this year or I won't be attending. I was at Anime North for saturday only so I missed seeing quite a few people. But I entered the Masquerade with Demon hunter female from diablo, won a few awards which I am still amazed by since I am still not pleased with the costume but none the less quite happy.
          I also won't be attending Otakuthon this year which breaks my heart, but since I plan to be moving again end of this month timing isn't really working out. Hopefully all works well and I will be at Fanexpo at the very least

Thank you again new watchers and for dealing with my boring self and plan is to be more exciting very soon!

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Over the past year I've had quite a few people asking me about doing makeup tutorials. For the record, makeup is the one thing I'm not huge on doing a tutorial for since makeup is different for everyone plus telling the world for free everything I payed money to learn is no fun. BUT I am willing to make a sped up video of me applying everything or before and after pictures in hopes that maybe it can jump start some inspiration for people. I pretty much want to know if you'd rather see a video or just photos and also character specific makeup or just pretty face? I will set up a poll below for those interested! SO please please comment and help me out! I just want to make sure enough people are interested, and I have a good game plan before committing to all.

I also had a plan for any fancy or interesting costume I have in the future make a "getting ready" type video where I can show makeup and how I get in to a more complex costume or even then people can get a better idea how I make a few, since I am horrible at trying to verbally break down a costume. I don't know these are all just ideas right now, I just don't want to add to the millions of makeup videos out there and try to do something different.

For those going to Anime North in May be sure to keep an eye out in artist alley for the ever talented :iconattyca: she was lucky enough to get a table and will be selling art and doing commissions! check out her blogspot for other artwork!

In Life time news:
Just this past week Pen2Vi2 got an email saying she won tickets to see Distant Worlds here in Toronto and took me with her!! It was absolutely beautiful and brought me to tears more than a few times. It was also really cool to see Nobuo himself, such a shy and humble man. All the FFVIII music made me pick it back up and I'm in the midst of playing through it again =]. Oh nostalgia.
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I was so surprised to come home after work and find one of my costumes a DD. I'm beyond flattered and want to say thank you to everyone for all the kind words and all the new recent watchers. I'm slowly working my way through trying to reply to all comments but once again thank you everyone! Big thank you to :iconmzzazn: and :iconfrocktarts: for suggesting and featuring me.

In other news if anyone of you lovely people ever need a cosplay prop made or even a beautiful fanart you should go check out :iconattyca: and make use of her amazing skills! She specializes in large props/armour and amazing scenic shots so go go go and commission from her!
Zuko - ATLA by Attyca Epona and Link by Attyca
Battlefield by Attyca Haseo - First form with scythe by Attyca

Once again want to put it out there I'm open to suggestions for tutorial ideas, interesting journal ideas, anything you'd like to see etc.  A bit of inspiration now and again can't hurt as I normally fail to keep it interesting. I would also like to stress that if you have questions about my Ezio costume please click me for lots of Q&A goodness

Other than that I'm boring right now and that's all the news I have. Soon enough a more fun filled picture journal will happen...I hope.
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Recently got back from Con G. It was my first year ever going and I must say it's a very tiny con but it was loads of fun. I had planned to wear weirdtakoyaki's black cat and my assassin but well that clearly didn't happen. My new and improved Ezio only made a very brief appearance Saturday morning and then for the masq in the evening. I once again decided to jump the gun and entered in the master division, and only being up against one other person I got lucky and took best workmanship! I'm both excited and terrified about being a master, time to up the ante!

90% of the con I spent with Pen2Vi2 in onesies. We fashioned my seal onesie into a narwhal and I borrowed Ackson's pink panda and trolling ensued. The weekend can be summed up in two words: Onsies and wine.

Also shout out to all the awesome people I spent time with over the weekend it was wicked to see you guys and to all the new friends I made!! I know I missed some people but you know who you are!

And now for picture fun time because pictures make everything more interesting yayyy!!!!!!!!

Some of the only pictures taken on the weekend:

A normal day with Pen2Vi2 and Laurentea


On a final note my DA will be pretty boring until hopefully May time when I plan to spit out a new costume. So for now it's silly journal entries and photos of old costumes. Thank you to all my new watchers you guys are awesome!!
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So happy new year to all I hope everyone had a fabulous time! Work has been keeping me busy and I've been severely lacking in the inspiration area for costumes. But with everyone's help I have hunted through a few things and found some costumes I had forgotten about and I'm really excited about making. YAY inspiration returns!

Cons and costume ideas:

Planned: Con G, Anime North, Otakuthon.
Tentative: CollosalCon, Youmacon

Plans: Belle 2.0, Timmy Turner, Dark Knight Yuna, Millenia, Dorothea, SweetPea, Secret costume omg!

I have my heart set on a few and others are ideas I was brewing. But pretty much after quite a bit of moping I'm excited about this years con season and have made it a goal to enter a few masquerades in the Masters category and try my hand at winning something.

Also I have to share this since I died after seeing it. I can officially check becoming a meme off my list of things to do /sarcasm. Who'd have thought.

Happy Thursday from Minners and I! Meow Meow Meow
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So I want to start by saying a huge thank you to the anon deviant who upgraded my account. Seriously thank you so much I wish I knew who you were so I could thank you properly, but it means a lot!

I haven't updated much recently, I've either been working or sleeping. BUT soon I will have some new uploads since Pen2Vi2 convinced me to throw together a Cinderella and we managed to keep it a secret until the reveal! 2 days later and a new princess dress was born.  She wore my Belle, weirdtakoyaki wore her Rapunzel and xShortStuff wore a super amazing Mickey Mouse! It was a disney party so I will soon have some Christmas photos of Cinderella! 2.5 hours in to wearing it I popped the zipper so it was a bit scandalous from the back.

Also I've been itching to make a new tutorial so if anyone has any requests please don't be shy!

And to make this interesting I'll make use of the premium membership and just leave this here for you all.
Be jealous you don't live with us.
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Then look no further and vote for :devmetalmedia: in his fab jack pumpkin dead zombie costume! It would mean a lot so click click click!…
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So Pen2Vi2 is selling some of her awesome costumes. So if you happen to be interested in batman or sailor moon be sure to click on the links and check them out!!

Click me for sailor moon awesomeness!

Click me for batman love!
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It was time to get rid of that old boring journal entry and do something more exciting! Con reports are boring so from now on I'll be trying to be more interesting and doing more fun more fun I mean more visual with pictures!

First things first this: Wing tutorial: Fairy wings by Laurentea tutorial I made has been put to good use by some friends! Both Attyca and Pen2Vi2 used it for wings they made with great results! Check out Attyca's on her kingdom hearts cloud costume! Pen2Vi2 used it to make wings for her Navi costume!
Kingdom Hearts Cloud Again by Attyca Photobucket

Secondly, Pen2Vi2 and I are now roommates!! With her help the decorations around the apartment have been upgraded. And also with help from our friends we are making ugly paintings beautiful with doodles! We also got an adorable new cat named Minion, shes a doll but hates looking cute for cameras.

And Lastly I celebrated my birthday last week. It was lovely to the point I was brought to tears by the beauty and the beast soundtrack and a  decked out princess birthday cake. Here are a few of the beautiful gifts I got!


That's just a taste of whats been going on in the past few weeks. Two new jobs will also be taking up my free time and as adulthood looms as done my changing interest so who knows how much new cosplay I'll be uploading. Thank you to all my new watchers and everyone for the favourites!

Next journal edition: Lauren's value village finds!
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I'm going to try to keep this short but who knows what's going to happen.


+ Headed out at 7am with Attycamentalmedia and Youki
+ After putting it on hold for quite awhile I finally finished the last 200 some odd pages of the Stand on the car ride! What a lovely book.
+ Pretty sure by the end of the ride we all wanted to kill each other so it was quite a bit of a relief to arrive. Thornrose met us at the hotel and whisked away the car to his home!
+ Our hotel looked like a Granny's old apartment...I didn't mind. /being 80 years old.
+ Attyca and I hopped in to Belle and Cloud for the day and then spent the evening shooting with AcksonL stillvisions and Justin.

+ Edea day! Turns out the masquerade was full when I went to sign up :( but I ran in to the past years director and she was able to pull some strings and get me in. So incredibly nice of her!
+ Did a really quick shoot with Jack Liu and Baron Karza (coscom) and then headed off to the greenroom. I was entry 53 in den 10 with the most amazing den mother, so so sweet!
+ After judging met Midnight-Dance-Angel and her boyfriend. They dealt with my super caffeinated speech so kudos to them, I never drink coffee so it hits me hard. They were so incredibly nice and even let me skip ahead of them for pictures because not only did the caffeine hit my energy level but also my bladder. SO thank you again for that! <3
+ My music decided to not work so I felt really silly being on stage so got off of there pretty quick but was really surprised by the response to the costume!
Also shout out to the-mirror-melts who was asked to be a judge!!
+ Got out at 8:30 and the party times began.

+Was to sore from contacts, running around and shoes so I opted out of a costume. I was rather cranky so sorry to anyone who experienced that
+ Dragged mentalmedia and Attyca to the award ceremony with me. I won best airbrushing technique in workmanship artisan division! I'm so proud and was surprised to win anything since I had a badass dissidia group right beside me.
+On the way home drove through a HUUUUGE thunderstorm, it was cool. Attyca and I went crazy and started singing be our guest but couldn't remember the words.


It certainly redeemed itself from last year that's for sure. Ended up splitting a weekend pass with AcksonL, it was my first time going in since 2007 so I forgot just how diverse the crowd was, it's a nice change! Also finally officially met megsnow! that was lovely. And if my sources are correct both Kukuzilla and vickybunnyangel were judges in the masqurade! Wore Belle and always ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time so I could see the other princesses but couldn't get to them! Also brought back Ezio but as a blonde *le gasp*and briefly put on Edea for a shoot with Carroll Kong and Solartempest. Spent the weekend with friends and cruised around the dealers room quite a bit. Very upset with the lack of indiana Jones hats for sale but all is well because I got this commissioned jealous!



AcksonL's otakuthon fan video 1
AcksonL's otakuthon fan video 2
AcksonL's video of weirdtakoyaki in her hawke costume

Everyone should check out these awesome people!

kudos to anyone who actually made it this far.
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I figured there are already hundreds of tutorials online, what really could I make that already hasn't been done? So instead I began hunting around on some looks I was interested in. After my resurfacing love for Indiana Jones recently happened, I fell in love with Elsa's hair!.......seriously so in love with Indiana Jones....heh

She is quite obviously inspired by Veronica Lake (right) so I figured time to share some 1940s love. I personally have not had time to fully try out the waterwave tutorial since it can take a long time for hair to dry but this was the most amazing tutorial I found that uses authentic techniques to the time! For all you cosplayers this is also an awesome tutorial for Jessica Rabbit hair! I opted for a more simplistic quick look that pretty much anyone can do, tutorial below.

[DAs being a jerk and not letting me embed :()
Waterwave/veronica Lake

1940s sillouette
Simple everyday 1940s hair

This look is really flattering and I discovered looked good with curls, straight up or down. Easily this can make anything look a bit more fancy be it a ponytail, braid or bun. I personally went for a really quick up do and all I did was take my curled hair and pinned it up in a loose pin curl type way. Not only that but I used a similar technique to the second tutorial when styling the front of my belle wig! Products used Mega hairspray and springing curls.

The Product review

L'Oreal Studio Line MEGA hairspray: This stuff holds hair! I used this in addition to the curling mousse and had curls forever. Remember not to over use it! Not only for natural hair but I used it on my Belle wig and I'm very happy with the results. I usually swear by Got2b freeze spray for wigs but I wanted a more natural look and found I had better control over how much product was being applied.

L'Oreal Studio Line Springing curls: I love this! My hair is naturally very straight and hates holding a curls. I used it and even fell asleep on my hair and in the morning it still was retaining some of the curls. It's in a mousse form which I'm not really used to but wasn't so bad once I figured it out

L'Oreal Studio Line Mega Spritz: So this is used as a finishing spray as opposed to hair spray. I found it helped to sculpt the hair a bit more after it has been styled ie. curls or updos but it has a bit of a crunch factor. It's strong I'll give it that but it can get crunchy really quickly so it really needs to be brushed through the hair for optimal results

L'Oreal studio Line pumping volume: I personally have pretty flat hair. It always looks nice after I blow dry it but an hour later and it's back to hanging limp. I found this product actually helped give my hair that bit of boost to stay up for longer than an hour. You have to be careful when applying it because if you spritz to close or to much it crunches in the hair which can easily be fixed with a bit of a brush but over all I really liked it

Overall I was quite happy with the products and if you need a hair style to hold for a long time I highly recommend them all.

I HOPE THIS WASN'T BORING. I tried to make it fancy with pictures.


So Otakuthon is this weekend (12-14th) I plan on wearing Belle friday and sunday and Edea on Saturday so come say hi!  Whos going? What's everybody wearing? Any big plans!? Masquerade anyone?
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Here I have been panicking over 'what tutorials I should make' 'Oh no I have to make my hair look pretty!' and picking my brain for any idea on something interesting someone would want to read. For the new watchers, L'Oreal and DA approached me about talking about their new products, hence my writers block. BUT turns out L'Oreal figured all that out for me.

Your style studio is an awesome new site they launched highlighting product, hair types, and the look you want to achieve. The coolest part is you don't have to look at perfect models who have had their hair professionally done, you are looking at real people who have done it themselves and uploaded a picture. I'm the type of person who before I need to go out to an event or even want to gussy up I will sit and look up hair ideas non stop trying to figure out what I want. What I like about the site is everything is condensed in to one area and it's actually super organized so I'm not left confused and lost. I can pick the look I want, see what products I need and then get the tips to execute it.

I personally have been browsing the site for the past few days and they actually already touched upon the first 'tutorial-esque' thing I wanted to cover, quick effortless curls. So if you want to learn how to make your hair pretty and curly check out the How-to section HERE So no tutorial from me this time but I have a plan of a attack for next time.

I know this has been nothing but a block of text but next week I'll be covering products (as I try them out) and I have a few hair ideas up my sleeve. So pictures and fun time coming up! But in all seriousness I do encourage you to check out the site!

Your style studio
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Not the whole costume just the vest and wig. If anyone is interested information can be found in the following links. Contact me on or here for any inquiries or if you are interested! =]

Click me for information on the vest!

Click me for information on the wig!


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I have been approached by Loreal Paris and deviantart to talk about products in the near future. From the looks of things it will be concerning hair! Now, I am by no means a professional hair stylist. I'm just your average girl with a 3 week crash course of styling under my belt. So I'm a bit curious as to what people would like to see/hear come of this as I imagine a lot of you would be bored with typical product reviews, and I want to make this as interesting as possible for people who actually take the time to read my journals. I have yet to really figure out the direction I want to go with talking about a product but any input would be greatly appreciated. I know 95% of people follow me for cosplay reasons so I imagine that'd be a good place to start?

So to the kind people who have taken the time to read this, tell me what you might LIKE to see or even what you would HATE to see.

On another note I like making tutorials, want to know how I made something? Request a tutorial here!....assuming it's something that is "tutorialable".

Thanks everyone!


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Anime North.

The con started on friday and was a rather awful day all together. But on the plus side. Attyca and I both finished our costumes on time this year!! Friday was our ghibli group, myself as San, Attyca as Howl zacloudseth as no face and KillurMonkey as a kodama. That's about all that can be said about friday.

Saturday was redeeming as Attyca and I debuted our Magna Carta 2 costumes Zephie and Juto! The costumes held up really well and we entered our very first masquerade! We decided to throw caution to the wind and enter in the artisan category, after entering the greenroom we quickly felt that maybe that was a bad idea. The costumes everyone has were epic! All in all it wasn't a bad idea as we walked away with Best detailing and accuracy in the artisan division!! Sadly though my skin apparently decided overcast was far to much sun and I got myself an incedibly brutal sunburn and have a really goofy tan line to prove still. Still recovering as I type this.

Sunday we held a scavenger hunt with friends which turned out to be a huge success and incredibly fun. Ran in to more friends around the con and had a lovely relaxing last day. So the con got off to a rough start but ended with a bang!


Drove down to Sandusky ohio with Don, Ackson, zacloudseth Audrey and Attyca thursday night/ friday morning at 1am to arrive in the morning on friday. After a quick catnap of maybe half an hour Attyca and I were up and about buying food and eventually getting in to costume as Female Ezio and Elizabeth from king of fighters. Honestly con-wise the actual con left much to be desired and I found the organization frustrating it seemed like most volunteers and staff didn't have the answers or any idea what was going on. BUT WHO CARES IT HAS A FREAKING WATER PARK! All of the frustrations disappeared after a dip in the hot tub and a sit down a slide or two. The location was great the weather was awesome and the drinks were giant!

Attyca and I entered our second masqurade down there hoping and praying to god we wouldn't get eaten alive and magically win the japan prize but alas a beautifully epic granado espada cosplay took home the giant prize. Well deserved I must say so no complaints. Plus we went home with a judges choice award! 2 for 2!

For certain an incredibly fun weekend, staying up for 40 hours, petting kangaroos, making goat friends, feeding birds, waterpark, and awesome weather.

Ackson did an awesome job summing up the weekend with his new video so check it out. Attyca and I also make an appearance or two.
colossalcon fanvideo

Features and shoutouts in the next upcoming journal as everyone uploads!
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I have been rather quiet on DA lately. I had a large fiasco involving a move gone wrong but everything is fine now and I am not homeless! Slowly but surely I'll be getting back in to the swing of things.

AnimeNorth is very quickly approaching! Two weeks...TWO WEEKS!!! I have so much left to do, I will be debuting Zephie from magna carta 2 with Attyca as Juto not only that but a quick comfy costume for lounging, San from Princess mononoke! I'm heavily debating bringing my female ezio but I'm still a bit unsure. Steampunk plan has been postponed until fanexpo not enough time blah blah blah.

Then to keep things exciting that weekend following AnimeNorth I'll be heading to Colossalcon in Ohio with Attyca zacloudseth Ackson, Audrey and Don. I'll be wearing Zephie again with attyca but I'm debating whether to bring San or Ezio. I love Ezio so much and feel I need to get more wear out of it. Decisions decisions.

SO please to all my american watchers if you are there don't be shy! Come and say Hi I'd love to meet more people while I'm there.


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In no way to I claim to be a professional or anything but over the few years that I have been making costumes I've been getting a lot of questions. A lot of those questions are always the same thing so here's a list of all the frequent questions I can remember being asked!

If anyone has any others feel free to ask and I will answer them. BRICK OF TEXT NOW!

Ezio questions

Can I commission you for your Ezio costume!?
I do not do full commissions, only the blade and insignia.

How did you make your belt buckle/ hiddenblade?
My belt buckle was made by sculpting it, molding it, and then making a cast in plastic. My hidden blade I did simply by using Super sculpty, and sculpting it! Nothing fancy on that end just time consuming. And no my hidden blade does not work, it's just stationary.

What fabric did you use?
As far as I can remember it was a cotton twill!? I honestly have no idea but that's a good place to start. When I pick fabric I first look for colour and then go by feeling. I'm not scientific or even logical at all I just go with my gut. In the end find the right colour, decide if you like the way it feels and moves and just pick what you like. =]

How is the insignia attached?
The insignia is mounted on a base piece under the sash. The buckles are also mounted on the base piece so none of the pull from the belt is applied to the insignia itself.

Did you use a pattern for your jacket?
I rarely use patterns anymore but if I do, I usually take a generic hoodie pattern and alter it accordingly. That's exactly what I did for Ezio's jacket.  I also made it in layers so not everything is all once piece.

How did you add the stripes?
I sewed a strip of red fabric under the main jacket material, after doing so I cut a line up the grey fabric and frayed away the edges revealing the red stripe underneath.

Did you embroider the lining?
The lining of the jacket is in no way accurate and in no way embroidered. It just happens to be a fancy looking material I found and thought would look nice.

How did you make the leather pieces?
I can't even pretend to know anything about leather so my 'leather pieces' are vinyl. So upon saying that I'm sure there's not much I can tell you other then most of the stuff is simple shapes that are really nothing fancy or anything to brag about.

Can use your costume for inspiration?
I get this one a good amount and it makes me giggle mainly because I stayed true to the character design so go right ahead my friends! For all the chickas making this, fit it to your form and show off those lady curves, that's about all the altering/ design changes I made...except for a bit of lace trim here and there.

Other costumes

How did you make your Gwendolyn wings?
My Gwendolyn wings are made of individual foam feathers mounted on a base piece and attached with a belt.

How do you make your silent hill nurse mask?…
Kudos to DDRshaman38 for the awesome tutorial. I used that as a base for my mask and after a few hours of messing around with model magic and just about anything else you can find POOF! You have a nurse mask.

How did you add texture to your [silent hill nurse] dress?
Fabric dye, coffee, glue+flour

How did you make Kalina Ann [Lady/Mary Devil may cry]?
A drain pipe, insulation foam board, cardboard and a little bit of craft foam. Literally all the big piece were cut and carved out of foam board and then glued to the pipe.

How did you make your Yoko bracelets?
Empty duct tape rolls and Styrofoam balls cut in half!


Where did you buy ______?
I make all my costumes and props so chances are I can't help you when it comes to purchasing things sorry.

Where do you buy your wigs?
99% of the time it's eBay.

What measurements did you use for _______/ How big did you make ____?
Asking me for the measurements I use for props or costume parts is counter productive on your part unless we are the exact same size. In my opinion the difference between a good costume and great costume is proportion. Making a piece proportionate to your own body is key. Look at how the prop or clothing piece is in proportion to the character and try to make that to yourself. So say the gun reaches an inch over his/her head, than make sure your gun does the same thing on you!

Could you make me _____ costume!?
For the record I don't do sewing commissions. Sewing for other body types scares me because I'm terrified of letting people down and not making it the right size. If anything I usually sell old costumes or wigs and such.

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